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The world’s first zero-waste bra launched 19th May, and was fully funded on Kickstarter within 48 hours. Help us launch our new zero-waste sleepwear by clicking below to tell us what you want

Things we care about

Water usage

Did you know that it takes 20,000 litres of water to grow 1kg of cotton?


Did you know that up to 40% of landfill is clothing?

A living wage

It costs more because our factory workers earn a living wage


74% of women would prefer to wear a non-wired bra

A great fit

No woman is SML! We make The Very Good Bra in 24 proper sizes

Your happiness

A beautiful bra that makes you feel supported and happy inside and out


Why The Very Good Bra?


Bras promise so much and deliver so little.

With over 2 billion women on the planet owning on average 9 bras each, we worked out that's 18 billion of them headed towards landfill. Something had to be done!

We created a soft, zero-waste bra that offers the same support as any other bra, but that is so clean it can be buried in the garden after use. What's more, we created it in 24 proper sizes!

Our first Kickstarter ended 17th June, at 345% funded. Because of its high cost of materials, we have no plan to commercially produce this bra in the near future, but we will consider running another crowdfunder if our customers love their bras and want more so please do keep in touch and send feedback. In the meantime, whilst we are making our first run, we are also developing other zero and low waste options, so make sure you subscribe below for updates.

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